What is POS data?

Some companies get confused when talking about POS data.

They often think of their shipment data or order data as POS. When we refer to POS, we are not talking about internal reports and we are not referring to shipment or order data.

In addition, we are not talking about the format of the data. POS can come in many formats, EDI, flat file, txt, csv, AS2, etc. ?more..

Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes of Retailers When They choosing POS System & Software!

If you're like most retailers, you're worried about making a mistake when you choose point of sale (POS) software. Buying POS software is a big investment. POS software can have huge impact on the efficiency and success of your retail business! ?more..

5 reason to automate your retail

Most often we heard retailer saying following:

Why do I need retail management software?

What are the reasons to automate my Retail?

I am running a successful retail without any IT system.


Top 10 reasons to failure

Research shows that 8 out of 10 retail establishments are out of business within the first 5 years of operation.

Why? Simply because many owners do not structure their business for success. Most failures are due to unrecognized problems, solved by minor adjustments after an internal audit. ?more..